Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the pool open for the summer?

The pool typically opens on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and is closed for the season on Labor Day at the end of the day.

2. How do I get on the waiting list to become a member?

Complete and send to the pool address listed in the Membership Application with a check for $100 (non-refundable fee).  See our Membership page for details. New members who have paid the $100 wait list fee will have $50 applied to their initiation fee when they are able to join RGPA.

3. How do I know what number I am on the Waiting List?

The waiting list is posted on the bulletin board by the Front Desk and is updated regularly by the RGPA Treasurer.

4. What are the hours of operation during the summer?

Daily 12:00 Noon – 9PM.   The pool daily opens earlier for swim lessons and swim team practice. There is a modified schedule at the beginning & end of the season, due to the school schedule. See the Hours & Directions web page.

Please Note: Inclement weather, lightning or unforeseen circumstances may cause the pool to close.

5. How can I purchase guest passes?

Members can purchase guest passes at the front desk @ $5 each.

6. How do I reserve a party at the pool?

Talk to the Pool Manager, Assistant Manager, or Head Guard at the front desk. They will check the date on the pool calendar kept in the pool manager’s office for availability and will record necessary information.

7. How can I sign-up for swimming lessons? 

Speak to the Pool Manager, Assistant Manager, or Head Guard at the front desk.

8. How can my child join the swim team?  

Members can talk to the Pool Manager at the front desk.  Swim team details on the Swim Team page.

9. How can I change my address for the pool records?

Please notify the Rose Garden Pool Treasurer of any change of address at

10. How can I change my email address with the pool?

Email your new/revised address to

11. How do I resign from the association?

See the By-Laws.

12. What if I want to become inactive but still keep my bond active?

When the newsletter is sent out in the late winter/early springtime, an inactive fee is paid each season for a member to maintain their inactive status and keep their bond in good stead. See the Membership page for more information.