Rose Garden Pool


January 23, 2018

Dear Rose Garden Members:

So far it has been quite a frigid New Year welcome for 2018 but they often say that cold winters make for hot sweltering summers. Well at any rate I would rather be hot and miserable with a nice pool to jump into!

We have made many facility improvements throughout the season and into the fall of 2017. We had replaced most of our outdoor incandescent overhead lighting with new modern efficient LED lighting for the pool and the main parking lot. This will most definitely enhance the visibility in the pool area especially in the evening when the sun sets early. Also, we can keep the deep end of the pool open until closing as we could not do this with the former lighting, or should I say lack of lighting. The parking lot is also illuminated by LED lighting as well as the neighbors’ yards across the street. We are planning on replacing the pavilion spot lights and deck lights for the season to come.

When you return this spring to the facility on Memorial Day you will notice that the pool has a fresh coat of paint by APM our facility management company. Wow! It was really needed.

Member’s dues for the 2018 season will be the same as the previous year 2017.

We are anticipating American Pool Management to continue to provide service and support for our upcoming season and our current staff will once again be available to provide the service and courtesy that made our past years a success.

“Our commitment” to SAFETY, CLEANLINESS and RECREATION will always remain a priority, as well as CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Alex M. Ladzinski



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