Rose Garden Pool


January 15, 2017


Dear Rose Garden Members:


It is January and I am thinking about another summer of parties, fun, and plenty of heat as we prepare for the upcoming 2017 season at the Rose Garden Pool.


We have completed many facility improvements recently and we are contemplating new endeavors for this year as well as new maintenance. The new pump and water filtration equipment we had installed last year is the heart beat of our pool. The security of the Rose Garden Pool facility is going to be enhanced as we have contracted a company to replace the old double entrance doors to the pool/filtration room under the main building. We are also planning on having the overhead outside lighting replaced with new up to date possibly LED type lighting. This will improve the visibility in the parking lot and especially in the deep end of the pool on those late summer nights when the evenings become shorter.


Capital preservation efforts are in works as well for this year as we keep pace with the wear and tear of time. We want to assure that our members and families continue to have an enjoyable and positive experience at the Rose Garden Pool.


Member’s dues for the 2017 season will be the same as the previous 2016.


We are anticipating American Pool Management to continue to provide service and support for our upcoming season and our current staff will once again be available to provide the service and courtesy that made our past years a success.


“Our commitment” to SAFETY, CLEANLINESS and RECREATION will always remain a priority, as well as CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Alex M Ladzinski
President, Rose Garden Pool Association

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