Rose Garden Pool



January 22, 2019

Dear Rose Garden Members:

 It is January and I am thinking about ice fishing in what is left of the main pool however it’s 5°F outside and I think even the fish packed up and left for Florida.  At any rate despite the weather conditions we have a crew of people from Del Suppo Inc. that is in the process of installing the new water slide and associated water supply line. We are expecting it to be finished ahead of schedule.

 We have more facility improvements that we are contemplating including but not limited to the baby pool area. However they are still in the planning mode at this time.

 Member’s dues and guest fees as well as inactive fees for this 2019 season were increased as the cost of operating the pool as well as capital preservation costs have increased as well.

 We are anticipating American Pool Management to continue to provide service and support for our upcoming season and our current staff will once again be available to provide the service and courtesy that made our past years a success.

 “Our commitment” to SAFETY, CLEANLINESS and RECREATION will always remain a priority, as well as CUSTOMER SERVICE.

 The dates for returning information are as follows:


Alex M. Ladzinski


Rose Garden Pool Association, Inc.

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