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Pool Rules / Bylaws

Rose Garden Pool Association, McMurray, PA

Summer 2020 PANDEMIC GUIDELINES FOR MEMBERS (Updated July 14, 2020)

 Membership “Sign Up to Swim” Guidelines: In order to access Rose Garden Pool, Members are requested to email for a link to schedule.

A couple of reminders as you are arriving for your visit.  Before coming through the gate, you will need to:

  • Wear your face mask
  • Wait 6′ away from other families (use our markers)
  • Have a thermal no-touch temperature check
  • ✔️ in with no-touch check-in by Manager on duty
  • *Temperatures that register 100.4 f. and above will not be allowed access into the facility.
Regardless of your views on masks and COVID, to safely keep our pool open, and to keep all members and staff protected, we are asking you to adhere to these guidelines:Masks are mandatory when on the pool deck.Masks should not be used while in the water.  Parents please remind your children when accessing the vending machines and bathrooms to wear their masks.
~Social distancing is strongly encouraged.  Please respect the space of others.  Tables, chairs, and chaise lounges will be set out on deck and on the lawn.  
- Please do not move furniture on deck.  
~Members will be asked three questions before booking a session.  If you answer YES to any of these questions, we ask that you do not come to the pool.  
We ask that you take the appropriate actions, whether getting COVID tested or self quarantining for 14 days, after traveling to areas with increasing cases of COVID*.  
*Please check the current DOH “Travelers”  notice for the most current states with high amounts of COVID-19 cases.
We are wearing our masks to protect you, please wear your mask to protect us.  

This is our first time using this check in system and temperature check.  It will take a few minutes longer, but your patience is necessary for the Summer 2020 operation of RGPA to be successful!


You should have no more than Four (4) scheduled events during a weekly time frame.  If you have more than four, you need to go into your account and DELETE one of those events.  If you do not delete, administration will.

Remember a week is Wednesday – TUESDAY, and only four (4) sessions allowed per week at this time!

  • To cancel, Log into your account,
  • Right corner pull down arrow menu
  • Click ‘view profile’
  • Right hand choices, click ‘my schedule’
  • You will see your name in center of page
  • Under your name, you will see your schedule
  • click ‘Details’
  • click ‘Cancel’

If you have others in your family account that also need to cancel:

  • Click the right corner pull down arrow on your profile page
  • Choose the person needing cancelled
  • click ‘Details’
  • click ‘Cancel’

You will receive email(s) for sessions cancelled.

In order to accommodate our members and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of the Summer 2020 swim season, Rose Garden Pool Association has established these rules and guidelines to keep staff and members safe during their visit to the facility.  Please observe the following:

  • Rose Garden Pool 2020 Hours of Operation will be 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • We will have three 2- hour sessionsand one 1-1/2 hour sessionsdaily for members, allowing for 30 minutes between each session to clean and sanitize the facility
  • We allow a maximum of 65 members per session, we anticipate this number to increase with member cooperation
  • No guests are allowed
  • A total of 65 members can sign up per time slotand reservations are made online
  • Member sign-up using the family email address from their 2020 RGPA membership form
  • Members can only sign up 4x’s a week AND only one session per day


  • When making your reservation, make sure that you add EVERY family member to your family account.
  • The family members do not need a separate email address, but they must be listed in your account to be included in your session choice.
  • When clicking ‘Book’ it will ask ‘Me and Others’ or ‘Just Me’. Click what applies, then hit NEXT.    ✔️check- each family member attending the session.
  • Accept waiver, then click BOOK.
  • Members may only sign up the family members listed on their 2020 Membership form.
  • Members will be required to wear a mask upon entering RGPA and when accessing other areas of the facility (bathrooms, vending machines and front desk)
  • Members will be checked in by on-duty Manager and we will be taking a thermal temperature of all members. Members with a registered temperature of 100.4 will not be allowed access to the facility
  • All members should follow the CDC guideline for social/physical distancing at all times.
  • Members should not attempt to make reservations for other members
  • Members are respectfully asked to cancel any reservation 24 hours ahead of their reservation time
  • Currently our system is rolling out sessions one day and one session at a time, one week prior to date. Example, today, Monday, 6/15 will roll out for Monday, 6/21 sessions at 11:00 a.m. for (11-1); 1:30 p.m. for (1:30-3:30), 4:00 p.m. for (4:00 – 6:00) and 6:30 for (6:30 – 8) sessions.  The same will go for Tuesday, it will roll out one session at a time for next Tuesday, 6/22 till all sessions for that day are showing.

Pool Member Guidelines & Rules:

  • No guests will be allowed
  • The pavilion and kitchen area will be closed at this time
  • Grills are not available
  • Members may bring their own pool noodles, but they must stay in member’s possession at all times
  • Pool rafts will be allowed at the manager on duty’s discretion. All pool noodles, toys and goggles must be brought from home, and taken with you when you leave.
  • Pool toys in the fenced baby pool area will be allowed but they should be in the member’s possession at all time
  • Only one person at a time, or one family group will be allowed at the vending machines at a time. Social distance guidelines will be marked off for members
  • There will be no lost and found bin. Members should make sure that they take home everything they brought in
  • To limit staff handling of money/change, we are asking members to bring change for vending machines. If patrons are in need of change, they will need to see the manager on duty
  • Parents are to remind their children to social distance in and out of the pool
  • Social distancing will be expected when members are outside the pool on deck, in bathrooms, at vending machines, at pavilion, at front desk and on all pool property. The Manager on duty will remind members to keep their social distance if needed
  • Patrons are encouraged to wear a face mask when outside of the pool, especially when speaking with staff, using the restrooms and vending. Members cannot not wear a facemask while in the water
  • Food may be brought to the pool and food delivery (outside of the gate) will be allowed
  • Bathrooms will be set up to adhere to all social distancing guidelines
  • If for any reason weather related, facility loss of electricity, water service or anything out of our control, which causes the pool to close for the day, you will be allowed to make another reservation for that same week, if there is availability.
  • If storming weather should interrupt any 2-hour session, members will be asked to leave the deck, and will need to wait out the storm in their cars, they may not gather under any of the buildings. The front gate will be closed, and only staff members will be allowed to stay inside the gates.  Staff will reopen gate once it is safe to swim.  If a reservation time frame has expired during the storm, we will continue the day as scheduled.  Members will not be allowed to ‘stay’ over to make up for their lost time due to weather
  • During the first 2-hour session and the last 1.5-hour session, we will have one lane rope in for lap swimmers. Lap swimmers, up to four, must swim in a circle swim rotation
  • No pool basketball units or volleyball net will be set up or available for patron use. (These items will be revisited later in the season)
  • The diving board will be available, the slide will not be available
  • Pool deck will be set up with social distancing guidelines; all umbrellas will be put up prior to each session. All chairs & tables will be set up to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Additional chairs will be available if a patron would like to move to the grass area.  Staff will assist in furniture movement.
  • Signage is hung to remind people to wash hands, keep physical distance, and to stay home if sick reminders.

During these uncertain and unprecedented times, RGPA staff is doing everything possible to ensure member and staff safety. We ask members to respect and cooperate with the rules that have been put in place so RGPA can be open this summer. 

Rose Garden Pool Association will continue to receive guidance and updates from American Pool Management, State and Local Governments and the CDC to inform members accordingly.

Garden Pool Association (RGPA)  Summer 2020, Dated June 15, 2020

Updated Rules & Procedures

In order to accommodate our Members and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of RGPA this season, the following process and rules have been put in place to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep Rose Garden Pool a safe and healthy environment for our Members and their families.

During these unprecedented times, please keep in mind that our guards and staff will do everything possible to ensure your safety and we ask that everyone respect the rules that have been put in place in order for RGPA to open this summer.   Keep in mind that children must be supervised by an adult at all times and must adhere to the rules set forth for RGPA.

Rose Garden Pool will offer three 2-hour sessions, and one 1-1/2 hour session per day for our Members to enjoy the pool.  We will require 30 minutes between sessions to sanitize the tables, chairs, bathrooms, railings and other touch points within the facility. A maximum of 50 memberswill be able to sign up for each session.  Members will be allowed to sign up 3 times per week, and only one session per day. We ask that the Members be respectful of the sign-up process by considering that all Members are trying to reserve a session.  Please cancel your reservation if you are unable to attend your session to allow other Members to take advantage of the pool.  Only Members that are registered on the 2020 RGPA Membership form are allowed into the pool.  NO GUESTS are allowed  

Please do not come to Rose Garden Pool if you or anyone in your family are ill, have a fever, or are experiencing any other symptoms of COVID-19.

First Session:

11:00 am – 1:00 pm* (one lane line will be in place for lap swimming. Four (4) swimmers in lane, circle swimming)

Second Session:

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm* (if needed, 15-minute adult swim will be called at 2:30)

Third Session:

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm*   (if needed, 15-minute adult swim will be called at 5:00)

Fourth Session:

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm* (one lane line will be in place for lap swimming.  Four (4) swimmers in lane, circle swimming)

*Members will be given a 15-minute notice prior to the end of their session.  Members are asked to promptly gather their belongings and exit the facility at the end of the session.

In order to access Rose Garden Pool, Members are required to reserve their session in advance by accessing Omnify at

Before any reservation is confirmed, you will first need to sign a waiver for your family.

Members must check in at the front gate.  We will be a no-touch check in, and a no contact temperature will be taken of Members.  If you are not scheduled, you will not be allowed to enter the facility.  Patron temperatures registering 100.4 and above will be asked not to enter the facility.

The following rules and guidelines will be put in place:

  • All Members will be required to wear a mask upon entering RGPA and when accessing other areas of the facility (restrooms, front gate, etc.) where you can encounter other Members outside of your immediate family. Do not wear a mask while in the pool water. We ask that Members follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing at all times.
  • Tables, chairs, chaise lounges and umbrellas will be placed in marked areas that are placed 6 feet apart. Please do not remove the chairs/lounges from their marked area unless you are placing them closer to immediate family Members only.   If you would like to place chairs into the lawn area, please ask for assistance from the staff.
  • The Diving Board will be available, but the Slide will be closed.
  • Bathrooms will be in use but limited to 2 people or one family unit only.Showers will not be available at this time.
  • The Baby Pool will be open, with a limited number (12) allowed inside the gated area at one time. Pool toys will be allowed, by must stay in the possession of your family at all times. NO CHILDREN OVER THE AGE OF 6 ARE ALLOWED IN THE BABY POOL! 
  • At this time, the pavilion, grills and kitchen will be unavailable for Membership use.
  • Volleyball and in pool basketball units will not be available at this time.                                                         
  • Food may be brought to the pool. Food delivery must be accepted outside of the pool entrance gate. Delivery personnel may not enter the front entry gate.
  • Vending machines will be available for use. Only one patron or one family unit at a time will be allowed in that area.  Please bring change and $1.00 bills.  We will have limited amount of change.
  • There will be no Lost & Found bins. Please remember to take all your belongings when leaving each visit.

As we continue to receive guidance and updates from our local and state authorities and the CDC, we will continue to update our members.  More information can be found at


Rose Garden Pool Association Rules, Dated January 1, 2020

The Rules and Regulations of the Rose Garden Pool Association set forth herein are for the protection and benefit of all Members and guests of the Pool. Parents are requested to caution their children to observe these Rules and Regulations and to follow all instructions from the Pool Management and Pool lifeguards.

Failure to observe and comply with these Rules and Regulations shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate discipline/suspension of Pool privileges for the offending Member(s) and/or their guests, and may also be considered sufficient cause for Membership suspension.

The words and terms used in these Rules and Regulations, unless otherwise herein defined, shall have the same meaning as they do in the By-Laws of the Rose Garden Pool Association, unless the context in which those words and terms are used herein require a different construction.

As used herein, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Association:  the Rose Garden Pool Association.

Property or Pool:  the swimming pool(s), buildings and all real property owned and/or operated by the Rose Garden Pool Association.

Rules:  the Rules and Regulations established and promulgated by the Rose Garden Pool Association.

Member(s):  those holding Membership in the Rose Garden Pool Association, as set forth in the Association’s By-Laws.

Adult:   For purposes of these Rules and Regulations, an adult is a Member, or Member’s guest, at least eighteen (18) years of age.


The Rules and Regulations set forth herein are in addition to and superseded by Federal, State, County and Local laws and ordinances.

The Rules and Regulations are subject to change or modification without notice, whether by a government authority or at the discretion of the Board of Directors or the Pool Management.

Responsibility and Authority of the Pool Manager:

The Pool Manager is in full charge of the pool’s operations. They have been directed to continue the association’s high standards for cleanliness, safety, and functioning. They are authorized to restrict any action on the part of the pool users which, in their judgment, may compromise the safety of or interfere with the enjoyment of the members as a whole.


1. All persons using the Association’s facilities do so at their own risk. The Association shall not be held responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use.

2. All members entering the pool must present their Identification Card. The Family Information Sheet must have been filled out by the member. Pool passes are not transferable and improper or unauthorized use of said passes shall result in Membership suspension.

3. Lounge chairs are reserved for adults ages 18 or older on crowded days.


1. Guests are permitted in the pool, but they must be accompanied by a member of the family unit holding a membership, and the member must register his or her own name and the name(s) of the guest(s).

2. The daily guest fee is $5.00 per person.

3. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

4. All guests, whether they are swimming or not, pay the guest fee to enter the facility.

5. A non-Member sitter will be considered a guest and charged accordingly. A Member must register their baby-sitter with the Pool Manager and the baby-sitter must assume all responsibilities for the Member and their children.

6. No local person(s) may be a guest at the Pool more than five (5) times in any season/year.

7. Any request for a variance of guest rules must be submitted in writing to any member of the Board of Directors for action.

8. Warnings shall be issued for first time violations of guest privileges. A suspension of Membership shall, at the Board of Directors discretion, result from a second violation.


1. If a Member parent cannot attend the Pool to watch their children, a Member baby-sitter must be provided by the Member parent. Baby-sitters cannot be under twelve (12) years of age. The baby sitter must sign in at the Pool registration desk with their parent’s emergency phone numbers and the phone numbers of the parents of the children they are babysitting.

2. A non-Member sitter will be considered a guest and charged accordingly. A Member must register their baby-sitter with the Pool Manager and the baby-sitter must assume all responsibilities for the Member and their children.

Personal Items:

1. The Rose Garden Pool Association shall NOT be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

2. Cash and other valuables should not be left unattended.

3. The Association prohibits the use of musical instruments, radios, CD players and/or tape equipment played so as to disturb, or be offensive to;  members and/or guests.


1. No running on or near the pool deck.

2. Non-swimmers, for their own safety must stay at the shallow end, whether in the pool or on the surrounding deck.

3. No children under twelve (12) years of age can be left at the Pool without adult supervision. Children under 12 years old and non-swimmers must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult. The person supervising the child must be in the water with the child or at the very least at the poolside.

4. Children between the ages of 12 and 18 must sign in at the registration desk and must furnish their parent’s or guardian’s emergency phone numbers.

5. No person shall use the pool for recreational swimming unless it is officially open and the guards are on duty.

6. At least one guard must be on duty and seated in a guard chair when the pool is open.

7. Rough play, in or out of the water is strictly prohibited.

8. At the first clap of thunder or flash of lightning, people will be asked to leave the main and kiddie pools. They will be allowed back in the water after there is no further thunder or lightening, after a specified amount of time.

9. No glass containers are allowed anywhere on pool property.

10. Kiddie Pool: Only children under six (6) years will be permitted in the wading pool and they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Rough play and running are not permitted.

11. Please place all trash in garbage cans on pool premises.

12. Balls toys, flotation devices and rafts (which term includes all floatation devices) may be used at the discretion of the Pool manager, depending upon safety conditions, or limited by the pool staff. They can be used under the following guidelines:

- Members may provide their own rafts, however no rafts or over six (6) feet in length are permitted.

- Balls and rafts will be limited to the five (5) foot deep end of the pool, within the roped-off area.

- Balls and rafts will be allowed daily during the hours of 12:00 Noon to 1:15 PM and 5:00 PM to closing, unless the Pool Manager deems otherwise. Ball and raft use is subject to change, without notice, at the discretion of the Pool Manager and/or the Board of Directors.

Diving Well Rules:

1. In order to use the diving boards, children must pass a Level II swim test. A lifeguard will administer this test. To pass the test a child must:

- Swim the length of the pool

- Tread water for 30 seconds

2. No inwards or cut away dives permitted.

3. Multiple bouncing, passing, hanging or springing from a sitting position is prohibited.

4. Only one person on the board at a time.

5. Divers must go immediately to the ladder to exit the water.

6. Divers must wait until the person preceding them gets to the ladder to climb out of the pool before they dive in.

7. There is no free swim in the diving well unless permission is given from the guard on duty.

8. All persons using the diving board or slide do so at their own risk. The Association shall not be held responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use.

9. ABSOLUTELY no head first entries in water under six (6) feet deep.

10. Feet first only on slide.

11. Stopping at end of slide or standing at the end of the slide to dive is prohibited.

12. Jumping or diving onto rafts (which term includes all floatation devices) from diving board or slide is prohibited.

13. Flips, back dives or “no-hand” dives from edge of pool are prohibited.


1. Intoxicated persons will not be admitted.

2. No intoxicating beverages/substances permitted on Pool property.

3. No sitting or diving off shoulders.

4. Do not push or throw anyone in the pool.


1. No pet(s) of any kind shall be permitted on the Pool grounds.

2. No member shall enter the enclosure, or permit a child or guest to do so, who is suffering from an open sore, infection or communicable disease.

3. No smoking.

4. Children who are not toilet-trained are not permitted in either the wading pool or main pool without special swim diapers and closely fitting plastic pants.

5. Pool management will follow and enforce the Pennsylvania Department of Health – Policy and Procedures for the Prevention and Cleanup of Fecal Accidents at Pools.

Adult Swim

1. The pool has a fifteen minute “Adult Swim” period each hour.

2. During this period only members 18 years of age and over may use the pool. All children under the age of 18 must leave the pool.

3. During the times that the pool is lightly populated, the “Adult Swim” may be called off at the discretion of the Pool Management.

4. “Lap Lanes” may be designated and must be respected by all.

Shower/Restroom Use

1. Improper conduct and/or behavior are prohibited at all times in the shower and rest rooms.

2. Showers should be limited to no more than five (5) minutes.

3. Members, their children and/or guests, misusing the shower and rest rooms areas can have their Membership suspended.

4. Flooding the shower areas is strictly forbidden.

5. Use of electrical appliances (i.e., hair dryers, etc…) in the rest room areas is prohibited.


1. Members, their children and/or guests, misusing the kitchen area can have their Membership suspended.

2. Members are responsible for cleaning up the kitchen after use. This includes, but is not limited to, gathering all trash and putting it in the disposal receptacles.

Parking Lot

1. Vehicles are to be driven slowly and cautiously and parked to allow maximum use of the available area.

2. Bicycles are to be parked to the left of the main entrance and not left leaning on the fence or in any pedestrian walkway. Bicycles are not permitted in the pool or deck area.

3. NO PARKING is permitted in the lane reserved for emergency vehicles directly in front of the entrance sidewalk.

4. Parking on Canterbury Lane should be limited to the side of the street where the Association’s property is. Local ordinances shall prevail.

5.  Only properly licensed vehicles are permitted in the Associations’ parking lot. No unlicensed motorized vehicles will be permitted on Association Property; specifically, but not exclusive to, mini-bikes, “off-road” vehicles. go carts, etc… .


1. Violation of any pool rule is cause for suspension of pool privileges or other disciplinary actions.

2. Talking or distracting the lifeguards while they are engaged in their duties is prohibited.

3. The Rules and Regulations are subject to change or modification without notice, at the discretion of the Board of Directors or the Pool Management.

Your cooperation in following these Rules and Regulations shall be greatly appreciated by Pool Manager, Association Staff, and the Board of Directors.

By-Laws: Click here to view our by-laws.

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