Rose Garden Pool Association, McMurray, PA


Revised Pool Member Guidelines & Rules Due to COVID-19 for the 2021 Season:

  • Revised Pool Member Guidelines & Rules:
    • Members should always stay 6’ away from others that are not in your immediate family. If masked, 3’ is the recommended distance.
    • The pavilion and kitchen will be available to members only.
    • Grills will be available, but we ask families to wipe down grill handles and grill plates before and after using. Members will need to bring their own grill utensils.  There will be none available.
    • Members may bring their own pool noodles, but they must stay in member’s possession at all times
    • Pool rafts will be allowed at the manager on duty’s discretion. All pool noodles, toys and goggles must be brought from home and taken with you when you leave.
    • Pool toys in the fenced baby pool area will be allowed but they should be in the member’s possession at all time
    • Only one person at a time, or one family group will be allowed at the vending machines at a time. Social distance guidelines will be marked off for members
    • To limit staff handling of money/change, we are asking members to bring change for vending machines. If patrons are in need of change, they will need to see the manager on duty
    • Social distancing will be expected when members are outside the pool on deck, in bathrooms, at vending machines, at pavilion, at front desk and on all pool property. The Manager on duty will remind members to keep their social distance if needed
    • Parents are to remind their children to social distance in and out of the pool
    • Unvaccinated members are asked to wear a face mask when outside of the pool, especially when speaking with staff, entering and exiting the premises, and when using the restrooms and vending machines. Members cannot not wear a face mask while in the water
    • Food may be brought to the pool and food delivery (outside of the gate) will be allowed. NO ALCOHOL is allowed on RGPA property at any time.
    • If storming weather should interrupt an open swim day, members will be asked to leave the deck, and will need to wait out the storm in their cars. Members may not gather under any of the buildings. The front gate will be closed, and only staff members will be allowed to stay inside the gates.  Staff will reopen gate once it is safe to swim.
    • We will have one lane rope in for lap swimmers for the first hour each day except on Mondays and Wednesdays. Lap swimmers, up to four, must swim in a circle swim rotation
    • Pool deck will be set up with social distancing guidelines; all umbrellas will be put up prior to each session. All chairs & tables will be set up to adhere to social distancing guidelines.  Additional chairs will be available if a patron would like to move to the grass area.  Staff will assist in furniture movement if needed.
    • Signage is hung to remind people to wash hands, keep physical distance, and to stay home if sick reminders.
    • Water Aerobics will be held Monday & Wednesday 12:15 – 1:00 p.m. for members only. Two lanes will be used and roped off during class.

    During these uncertain and unprecedented times, RGPA staff is doing everything possible to ensure member and staff safety.  We ask members to respect and cooperate with the rules that have been put in place so RGPA can stay open this summer. 

    Rose Garden Pool Association will continue to receive guidance and updates from American Pool Management, State, Local Governments and the CDC to inform members accordingly. 2021 guidelines and rules are always subject to change.