Rose Garden Pool Association, McMurray, PA


RGPA MEMBER RULES AND PROCEDURES: Rose Garden Pool Association Rules

RGPA GUEST RULES AND PROCEDURES: 2024 Rose Garden Pool Guest Rules


General Pool Member Guidelines & Rules:

(For full and complete list of RGPA Rules and Procedures, please click on the link above.)

  • Pool Member Guidelines & Rules:
    • The Pool Manager or Manager on Duty is in full charge of the pool’s operations.
    • The pavilion and kitchen will be available to members and guests. Please clean up after using these facilities.
    • Pool rafts and toys will be allowed at the manager on duty’s discretion, especially during crowded times at the pool.
    • Food may be brought to the pool and food delivery is allowed.
    • NO ALCOHOL is allowed on RGPA property at any time.
    • Lounge chairs are reserved for adults (18 or older) on crowded days.
    • Guests must be accompanied by a member and must pay the daily guest fee. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. (See complete guest rules and procedures using the link above.)
    • No running on the pool deck. Rough play in or outside of the pool is strictly prohibited.
    • Glass containers are not allowed on RGPA property.
    • All trash should be cleaned up and placed in garbage cans.
    • If storming weather should interrupt an open swim day, members will be asked to leave the main pool and baby pool, and will need to wait out the storm until the pool is safe to open back up.
    • One lane rope will be in for lap swimmers for the first hour each day except on Mondays and Wednesdays. Lap swimmers, up to four, must swim in a circle swim rotation.
    • There will be 15 minute adult swim period each hour. Only members and guests who are 18 years or older may use the pool at this time.
    • Failure to follow RGPA rules and regulations and/or to abide by all RGPA, Inc. By-laws could result in suspension or loss of membership.