Hello Rose Garden Pool Association members,

On behalf of the RGPA Board of Directors, we’d like to wish you a healthy and prosperous 2023.

We knew going into the 2022 season that we were in for some changes at RGPA. It was our first season in 12 years without Donna Moshier managing the pool. While we continued to have all of our great programs like swimming lessons, water aerobics, swim team, movie nights and the Annual Member Party, it was a large adjustment for staff, members, and the Board. We thank Nathalie for managing the pool last summer. Nathalie will not be returning this pool season and we will be hiring a new manager and will work diligently to ensure the expectations of our members and the Board are understood, accepted, and executed. The position is currently posted on APM’s website and we are in discussions with possible candidates as well as still accepting resumes.

While the pool was winterized, covered and closed for the 2022 season, the Board hasn’t stopped moving on other much needed projects we need to address. We have all been collectively listening to your comments and suggestions. First and foremost, you’ll notice we have not had to raise rates for this year. We are proud to say that with last year’s salary adjustments and our great staff consisting of mostly member guards, we did not have the staffing issues that the other local pools had, allowing us to maintain our scheduled hours throughout the summer. We encourage all interested RGPA family members to apply for available guard positions through our pool management company, American Pool Management (APM).

During the 2022 season and continuing into 2023 we were able to conquer several supply chain issues while replacing the chairs, loungers and adding more umbrellas and stands. With our newly updated WiFi around the pool, we’ve been able to make the ‘working poolside’ idea a reality.

As we look into our future, we have several necessary capital improvement projects to plan for such as painting both pools, replacing the pool cover, and replacing the basketball hoops and pool ladders as needed. These larger projects will be discussed further at the Annual Member Meeting.

Many staff and members directly communicated their feelings to the Board about the vending machines at the pool. While we tried in earnest to work closely with the vending machine company, in the end it was best to pursue a different option for our concession needs at the pool. This year we are trying something new at Rose Garden – our own concessions. As our pilot year, we are going to start small and simple, focusing on easy, safe items to enjoy poolside like pop, snacks and hopefully ice cream. While we are still working out several details for this program, we are excited at the opportunity to better serve our members. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience with this initiative.

Before the season starts, we will also be discussing with APM the feasibility of keeping the pool open for a couple of weekends into September. This has been a topic of discussion for many years. Staffing is always an issue as kids go back to school but we will see what APM’s thoughts are as well as identifying any additional costs that may come with the idea.

We’d like to thank those who set aside the time to attend our yearly meeting. We tried to plan a date and time that would best fit everyone’s busy schedules. You voiced your concerns, and we listened. Once the season is in full swing please keep an eye out for when we will have the yearly meeting. The meeting date will be posted at the pool, on our website, our Facebook page, and in weekly emails.

The new year brings with it many exciting things for the RGPA season. We hope this letter helps provide a better understanding of what to expect at RGPA this summer. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Board.

Thanks and looking forward to a fantastic 2023 RGPA season.

David Bentz – Board President
Angela Ray – Board Treasurer
Susan Brooks – Board Secretary
Carrie Dunbar – Board Member/Webmaster
Keri McCloskey – Board Member
Mark Lira – Board Member/Maintenance Chair Donna Moshier – Bóard Member
Elizabeth Rush – Board Member/Membership Chair
Sidney Shue – Board Member