Hello Rose Garden Pool Association members,

On behalf of the RGPA BOD, we’d like to wish you a healthy and prosperous 2022.

Last year was certainly a year to remember. While initially we had to be mindful of state and local Covid Protocols, we are grateful we were all able to enjoy the facilities much more than in 2020. Donna Moshier and the staff were nothing short of spectacular the entire season. Closing out 2021 was bittersweet for a lot of us, especially with the retirement of Donna. Most of us, as well as our kids, only know Rose Garden Pool with Donna at the helm. We will miss her tremendously, but couldn’t be happier for her to start enjoying all retirement has in store.


While the pool was winterized, covered and closed for the 2021 season, the Board hasn’t stopped moving on other much needed projects we need to address. We have all been collectively listening to your comments and suggestions. On your first visit for the season, you’ll immediately notice updates to the grounds and bathrooms, along with the first round of new chairs and loungers and the new basketball hoops for the poolside, new lane ropes and more. For 2022, we are also planning to update our current WiFi around the pool and hopefully make the ‘working poolside’ idea a reality for some of our members.

More than several past and present staff and members directly communicated their feelings to the Board about the need for salary adjustments for our staff. This concern, along with the current labor shortage, led to changes in the American Pool Management contract for the RGPA 2022 season. Specifically, we have decided to pay a higher contract fee so our staff members will be paid better and more in line with other pools in the area. We feel this will help retain senior staff members and keep RGPA the wonderful place we all know and love.


I’d like to thank those who personally took the time to make it to our yearly meeting. You voiced your concerns, and we listened. We are nearing completion of the edits to the 2019 bylaw additions that were brought up as a concern and they will be one of the points of the 2022 meeting. Once the season is in full swing please keep an eye out for the yearly meeting.


While we are making great progress and noticeable updates, there are other items, less exciting, that will affect our 2022 bottom line. Along with the salary raises, other needs like the cost of chemicals, capital expenditures, long-term project planning, and an ever-rising cost of supplies have made it necessary to raise some of our fees. We have been lucky to increase fees relatively minimally in the recent years, but we have operated in the red the past two seasons due to COVID-19 and that is not sustainable. Attached is a matrix of our updated fees.


The new year brings with it a lot of new exciting things for the RGPA season. We hope that this helps give you a better understanding of what to expect at RGPA this summer. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Board.


Thanks and looking forward to a fantastic 2022 RGPA season.

David Bentz-Board President


Angela Ray – Board Treasurer
Susan Brooks – Board Secretary
Carrie Dunbar – Board Member
Jen Leehr – Board Member
Mark Lira – Board Member
HJ Manzari – Board Member
Elizabeth Rush – Board Member
Sidney Shue – Board Member