Hello Rose Garden Pool Association Members,

On behalf of the RGPA Board of Directors, we would like to wish you a healthy and prosperous 2024.


We had a great 2023 season and we expect that 2024 will be even better!  In 2023, Donna Moshier was back managing the pool and it ran like clockwork.  She and her team kept us all safe so we could enjoy the pool facilities to their fullest.  We were able to continue to have all of our great programs like swimming lessons, Aqua Zumba, swim team, movie nights and the Annual Member Party.  Last year with the leadership and skills of Keri McCloskey and with the hard work and construction skills of Mark Lira, we were able to create and operate Rose Garden Goods.  What a great addition it was – treats and drinks without having to fight the vending machines!  We hope that you enjoyed the investments that were made to the facilities in 2023.  We purchased a new diving board, baby pool heater and a new (to us) fridge for the kitchen to name a few.


In the off season, the Board hasn’t stopped moving on other much needed projects we must address. As the pool continues to age, we find ourselves in need of larger investments in the general maintenance and upkeep of the pool.  The surface of the pool is in need of significant repairs and surface coating.  The first of this work will start this Spring and will be completed this coming Fall after the season ends. To protect this investment, we will also purchase a new pool cover as our current cover is very old and in poor shape.  As I’m sure all of you realize, we are also in need of notable repairs to the pool parking lot.  Inflation has also materially impacted the cost of what we have to pay APM (our pool management company) for staff and pool maintenance.  Based on our expenses from last year and what we project them to be for 2024, we will have to increase the annual membership fee from $500 to $550.  Inactive fees will also increase from $50 to $55.  We ask for your understanding for these modest increases.  As we look into our future, we welcome your suggestions for capital improvement projects to plan for in addition to those mentioned.



As we come into the 2024 season, I am happy to report that Donna Moshier will be back to manage Rose Garden Pool!  As in previous years, we encourage all interested RGPA family members to apply for available guard positions through our pool management company, American Pool Management (APM). We will also need help to man the Rose Garden Goods concession stand.  Please contact Keri McCloskey to apply.


We’d like to thank those who set aside the time to attend our yearly meeting. We tried to plan a date and time that would best fit everyone’s busy schedules.  You voiced your thoughts, ideas and desires, and we listened. Once the season is in full swing, please keep an eye out for when we will have the yearly meeting. The meeting date will be posted at the pool, on our website, our Facebook page, and in weekly emails.


The new year brings with it many exciting things for the RGPA season. We hope this letter helps provide a better understanding of what to expect at RGPA this summer. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Board.


Thank you and looking forward to a fantastic 2024 RGPA season!


Sidney Shue – Board President
Angela Ray – Board Treasurer
Susan Brooks – Board Secretary
Carrie Dunbar – Board Member/Webmaster
Keri McCloskey – Board Member/Concession Coordinator
Mark Lira – Board Member/Maintenance Chair
Donna Moshier – Board Member
Elizabeth Rush – Board Member/Membership Chair
Jay Oppenheim – Board Member