Rose Garden Pool Aqua Zumba

Rose Garden Aqua Zumba is taught by certified instructors and lets you enjoy the standard benefits of any exercise, as well as supporting the body and reducing the risk of muscle or joint injury. Resistance training with pool noodles, stretching and greater range of motion will be a part of your workout. Other benefits include, but not limited too; you do not have to be a strong swimmer to participate; you are outside; great music; meeting new people and its FUN!

Weekly classes begin on: Thursday, May 30th!

Classes will be: Tuesdays and Thursdays  12:15 pm – 1:00 pm

Our instructors are Lesa and Ian Parker, licensed Aqua Zumba instructors.

Aqua Zumba is $25 per member for the 2024 swim season. Your 2024 Aqua Zumba pass allows you to participate in an unlimited number of classes. Guests may join for Aqua Zumba with a member for the $5.00 daily guest fee PLUS $5 per class. Please note that this is a change from the past. Members may also join individual class sessions for $5 per class if they do not purchase the 2024 Aqua Zumba pass.

*Please note that the Aqua Zumba class schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.